Dr. Sheth's Basic Brightening Youth Glotion

Dr. Sheth's Basic Brightening Youth Glotion

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Why is it different?

This is the only product on the Indian market that combines a high dose of niacinamide along with hibiscus extracts, citrus unshui extracts and orange oil for a super brightening eect.

What does it do?

Damage rarely occurs through one route. Because of our harsh environment, Indian skin gets inflamed, oily and gets damaged. Vitamin B3 is an all rounder that works against inflammation, acne, pigmentation, tanning and aging to ensure an even clean skin tone.

How do I use it?

Can be used on face and body. After cleansing, take a small amount and apply on the face in upward movements. For the body, take a small amount and apply to concerned body parts.


Water, Propylene Glycol (penetration/texture enhancer), White soft paraffin (emollient), Niacinamide (anti-pigmentation, anti-acne, anti-redness), Light liquid paraffin (moisturizer), cetomacrogol (emulsifier), cetyl alcohol (emollient), japanese citrus extract (brightening), allantoin (healing), glycerin (hydration), phenoxyethanol (preservative), stearyl alcohol (emollient), orange oil (brightening), hibiscus extract (anti-scar), perfume