Oily? Combination? Is moody a skin type?

Skin types can be overwhelming - especially when your skin has a life of its own (literally!). Your skin does change as you travel, or along with your lifestyle - so it's important to know how your skin will behave and how to choose the right products for it. 

The simplest way to figure out your skin type is how it feels about two hours after you shower or as soon as you wake up. 

Dry Skin : If you have dry skin, chances are your skin will feel taut or stretched out. You definitely need to look for ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and natural oils

Oily Skin: Oily skin tends be oily all around and not just in select areas. According to a few textbooks, if you take a butter paper or filter paper and rub it on your cheeks, chin and forehead and it goes from opaque to translucent - you've got oily skin. It's important to note that oily skin needs hydration too - without proper hydration Indian oily skin can pigment. Ingredients like AHAs/BHAs, Squalane, Neem, Sulphur - these guys are your friends. 

Combination Skin: Combination skin tends to be between the two - a dominant oily 'T Zone' (forehead, nose and chin) tend to be oily while the rest of the face is dry. Look out for ingredients like AHAs/BHAs, most extracts, antioxidants and try multi-masking every once in a while (use an oily skin product for your T zone and a dry skin product for the rest of the face). 

It's important to understand that skin types are eventually a guide - we all have moody skin, and skin types do change in response to different environments (if you're traveling), hormonal cycles, stress and much more - so its important to choose your product routine based on what your skin is feeling.