The Dr. Sheth Legacy

Dr. Sharat Desai : Arguably India's first real dermatologist, he was the pioneer in this study of the difference of Indian skin. He was the first to bring an international conference to India and express to the world the uniqueness of Indian Skin. 

Dr. Rekha Sheth : India's first cosmetic dermatologist, she brought the world of science and results to looking good. A deeper investigation into Indian skin, she figured out that we need protection from much more than the UV and that our Indian genes cause our skins to be more sensitive to pigmentation.

Dr. Aneesh Sheth : After returning from the US after 12 years, he realized that there was a huge gap in products that address the needs of Indian people. Using the science he learnt abroad at ivy league institutions along with his grandfather and mother's research, he was able to create effective, powerful products that address Indian skin.