Why Dr. Sheth's?

  1. Caucasian skin contains inactive melanin and less pigmentation.
  2. Indian skin melanin production is hyperactive because of pollution, dust and UV.
  3. Dr. Sheth’s products contain higher quantities of actives, which are scientifically proven and created for Indian skin.


We have more melanin

Melanin are little color cells present in our skin that protect us from damage. This is the main reason we tan when we go into the sun, or pigment when we recover from an injury. However, melanin can misbehave and result in pigmentation. Therefore, in order to protect against pigmentation, our products need gentle ingredients balanced with melanin inhibitors. 


Our environment is different

Most products available today are formulated by scientists in developed places like the US, Korea or Europe. These countries don’t face the harsh abuse from pollution, heat and the UV that our skins face everyday. To repair this damage, our skins require much higher doses of vitamins and proteins, which our products have.


Our genes are different

The harsh environment along with our diets and evolution have predisposed us to certain diseases like PCOS and diabetes. This unique biology makes our skin more sensitive to pigmentation and therefore, needs to be appropriately controlled with the right blend of actives.